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Help stop summer gas price gouging

Posted on 2007.05.22 at 11:31
Hey guyssss-

Can you face another summer where a day trip to the lake or the beach costs you an arm and a leg? It's shaping up to be just that if we don't ask Congress to stand up to Big Oil now.

But there a bill in the House this week that could make gas price gouging a federal crime, so we don't pay more while the oil companies rake in record profits. I signed a petition to urge my representative to pass this bill this week -- can you join me at the link below?




spider_matt at 2007-09-03 00:21 (UTC) (Link)
Just stopped by because I thought I knew you from looking at your user pic. Now I'm not so sure. Oh well. I come bearing gifts:

MYTH: Price-Gouging Is Bad

I also like this bit from Stossel's book Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity:

"When Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992, the state's attorney general, Bob Butterworth, was outraged by the 'unconscionable' gouging. 'I don't see any difference between the looters who go through the rubble in the trailer parks and the business people who cash in on this disaster by gouging customers,' he said.

Florida passed laws that punish price gougers with fines of up to twenty-five thousand dollars and made it a third-degree felony for out-of-state contractors to work without a license. Florida law dictates that penalties be increased if those contractors work during a disaster, which of course is when hurricane victims need them most.

In 2004, Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne all hit Florida. The extensive damage required droves of tradesmen to do repairs, but because of all the consumer 'protection' rules, Florida's recovery was slow and difficult.

Florida became known as the 'Blue Roof State' because of the thousands of blue plastic tarps that covered damaged roofs for close to a year. The demand for roofers was so severe that some hurricane victims had to wait up to five weeks just to get an estimate for a roof job.

The recovery could have been much faster if only Florida had gotten rid of its ridiculous restrictions. Let the market work, and services that were in short supply become available."

chillibeanie at 2007-09-03 20:02 (UTC) (Link)
haha yeah, i do think we know each other.

i took a look at this post and thought it was funny because it was during a time when i went crazy with the whole moveon.org thing.

but i remember hurricane andrew and the aftermath while growing up in florida. & i just think it's all under circumstance whether or not price-gouging is bad. i guess that's true for anything?

anyway. hope you are doing well.
spider_matt at 2007-09-04 07:14 (UTC) (Link)
I guess you are the person I thought you were. Congratulations, haha. I thought you would have something written about Ireland in your journal, but maybe those posts are all friends only.
chillibeanie at 2007-09-06 20:28 (UTC) (Link)
yeah i actually made this lj for ireland: sin_nfe_in if you wanted to check it out (as far as pictures go).
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